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Programmes and Activities
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Plot 551, Southring Road,
Extension 4, Gaborone.

Phone : (+267) 390 9335 info@emangbasadi.org.bw
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The Political Education Project (PEP)
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The Political Education Project (PEP)

This programme focuses on issues of elevation of status of women in the political and administrative spheres .The project empowers aspiring women to stand for positions of decision making through campaign management, assertiveness, presentation and public speaking skills including media profiling. The programme also provides the general public with voter/democracy, good governance and electoral process training. Through this project, Emang Basadi participates in observing and monitoring of elections within the country and in the region to find out if countries do adhere to the regional observer principles of election management and monitoring for free and fair elections. PEP does the following:

  • Targets women aspiring for political office and provide campaign management skills;
  • For women members of parliament and councillors it provides leadership, advocacy and lobbying skills as well as gender training;
  • Provides voter education is provided to the general public organised by Emang Basadi volunteers called Community Mobilisers in the 40 constituencies in Botswana;
  • Organises public debates around issues of democracy, gender issues and,
  • Maintains an up-to-date directory of women decision-makers.



BESNET emerged as a result of collaboration between Emang Basadi and SADC - Election Support Network (SADC-ESN) in the areas of democracy and civil education focusing on election observation. Emang Basadi remained SADC-ESN country coordinating organization with the responsibility for managing this process. This cooperation led to a unification of civil society partners called “Botswana Election Support Network – Bots ESN”. This partnership is comprised of the following organizations:

  • Emang Basadi Women’s Association;
  • Botswana Christian Council
  • World View Botswana
  • National Youth Centre
  • Lentswe La Basadi Ba Botswana- LLBB
  • Botswana Federation of Trade Unions- Women’s Wing
  • Cooperation for research, Development and education – CORDE
  • Botswana Council of Non-Governmental Organization – BOCONGO

BESNet Objectives
The main objectives of carrying out these exercises are as follows:

  • To meet urgent civil society needs in key areas of concerns and interest with specific reference to elections
  • To provide support to the independent Electoral Commission in ensuring effective electoral process in Botswana
  • To ensure that access to information strengthens confidence in the democratic electoral process
  • To strengthen democracy by improving the participation of both men and women in the democratic electoral process through activities such as electoral observation, civic and voter education, contributing as electoral staff and other roles that support the process