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Programmes and Activities
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Plot 551, Southring Road,
Extension 4, Gaborone.

Phone : (+267) 390 9335 info@emangbasadi.org.bw
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 Information and Documentation Resource Centre (IDRC)
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Emang Basadi (EB) Information and Documentation Resource Centre (IDRC) is currently undergoing a complete reorganization and development to enable it to be more responsive to clients’ needs and requests in line with global information services and management development trends. The Centre has not been professionally operational since 2001 because of financial setback that EB has been experiencing, hence the re-organization. Material accumulated since 2001 was never processed for incorporation into the already partially processed one; therefore the current exercise is more or less starting the processing afresh for ALL information resources within the Centre. This reorganization activity is funded under the EU/Skillshare International Project: Gender Based Violence (GBV): Making the invisible visible.

The IDRC subject coverage reflects EB’s activity focus which includes: gender, human rights and related subjects, with special emphasis on women, youth, children and marginalized/disadvantaged groups. When fully operational, the IDRC will offer:

  • Fee Membership Registration
  • On-line public access catalogue (OPAC) for easy searches and retrievals of information resources collection
  • Access to the information resources available
  • Internet access for research, at a fee
  • Printing services, at a fee
  • Reprographic services which will include combo-binding, on request, at a fee
  • Information packaging (Quarterly Newsletter, new arrivals listing, subject lists, client requests), at a fee.
The collection is made up of books, documents, newspaper articles, reports and a limited number of journals/serials that are mainly obtained through exchange arrangements, gratis from EB networks, partnerships and sponsors. EB does not generate income from its services and activities, it heavily relies on donor funding to run and provide services to the general public.